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MySQL Question

JPA NamedNativeQuery is causing a SQL Exception error code 1064

Could someone explain why I am getting the following error code in a NamedNativeQuery. The syntax to me looks absolutely correct. I am using MySQL. I have tried providing the position as ?1 and same thing.

@NamedNativeQuery(name = "Category.findRandomByLimit",
query = "SELECT * FROM Category ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT ?")

Should I look into the Criteria API for the order by? I would think that a native query would work instead. I also tried removing the LIMIT and the parameter and using setMaxResults but I still get the error code.

public List<Category> findRandom(int limit) {
return getEntityManager()
.setParameter(1, limit)

Answer Source

You're calling createNativeQuery when you should be using createNamedQuery.

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