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Python Question

Pass multiple parameters to


takes a variable number of iterables from which the function given is called. How should I call it if I have a generator that produces tuples that are normally unpacked in place?

The following doesn't work because the each of the generated tuples is given as a different argument to map:

args = ((a, b) for (a, b) in c)
for result in, *args):

Without the generator, the desired arguments to map might look like this:
(i[0] for i in args),
(i[1] for i in args),
(i[N] for i in args),

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Answer Source

You need to remove the * on the map call:

args = (a, b for b in c)
for result in, args):

This will call f, len(args) times, where f should accept one parameter. If you want f to accept two parameters you can use a lambda call like:

args = (a, b for b in c)
for result in p: f(*p), args):
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