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Javascript Question

Regex URL Path from URL

I am having a little bit of regex trouble.

I am trying to get the path in this url


If I use this regex
it matches
as well.

I would need some kind of anti / negative match to not include

Answer Source

This expression gets everything after videoplay, aka the url path.


This expression gets everything after the port. Also consisting of the path.


However If using Node.js I recommend the native url module.

var url = require('url')
var youtubeUrl = ""

Which does all of the regex work for you.

  protocol: 'http:',
  slashes: true,
  auth: null,
  host: '',
  port: '80',
  hostname: '',
  hash: '#hello',
  search: '?docid=-7246927612831078230&hl=en',
  query: 'docid=-7246927612831078230&hl=en',
  pathname: '/videoplay',
  path: '/videoplay?docid=-7246927612831078230&hl=en',
  href: '' 
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