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Why does Class.getSuperclass() return an Object?

According to the Class.getSuperclass() documentation:

Returns the Class representing the superclass of the entity (class,
interface, primitive type or void) represented by this Class. If this
Class represents either the Object class, an interface, a primitive
type, or void, then null is returned.

But I'm seeing an
being returned (using jdk1.7.0_45) - so am having to check for it separately:

final Class<?> superclass = modelClass.getSuperclass();
if ((superclass != null) && (Object.class != superclass)) {
// Do stuff with superclasses other than Object.

Is this a Java bug? Is there a better way of checking whether
is an

Answer Source

The documentation says that if your class is java.lang.Object, then its getSuperclass is going to return null. In other words, if you do this

Class objSuper = Object.class.getSuperclass();

then objSuper would be null; this is precisely what's happening (demo).

It appears, however, that your modelClass is not java.lang.Object, and it is also not a primitive or an interface. Therefore, returning java.lang.Object makes perfect sense, because all classes implicitly inherit from it.

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