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Javascript Question

How can i display array values, only if the number i greater than 50000? javascript

In income-greather-than-500k.html you will find an array of tax forms assigned to the variable
called taxForms .
In its current state the entire array is logged to the console. You need to

change the Javascript such that
only the real name of the superheroes that have an income greater than 500 000 are logged with
console.log .

This is the taxform:

const taxForms = [
realName: "Bruce Wayne",
income: 750000,
wealth: 300000
realName: "John Blake",
income: 440000,
wealth: 832000
realName: "Selina Kyle",
income: 640000,
wealth: 432000

Answer Source

You can use filter.

taxForms.filter(function(s) { return s.income > 500000 }).forEach(function (s) { console.log(s.realName) });
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