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Javascript function with large number of arguments

I need to call a javascript function with many arguments. Is there any way to do the same as the below code but without writing each of av1, av2,...av58?

A for loop varying from 1 to 58 may do the job. But how is the syntax while defining the function?

function gft1(ff1, ff2, av1,av2, av3, av4, av5, av6, av7, av8, av9, av10, av11, av12, av13, av14, av15, av16, av17, av18, av19, av20, av21, av22, av23, av24, av25, av26, av27, av28, av29, av30, av31, av32, av33, av34, av35, av36, av37, av38, av39, av40, av41, av42, av43, av44, av45, av46, av47, av48, av49, av50, av51, av52, av53, av54, av55, av56, av57, av58)
var uu=0;

for ( y=1; y<=58;++ y)
uu = uu-(-document.getElementById('av'+y).value);


var args = ['ff1','ff2'];
for (var i = 1; i <= 58; i++)
args.push("av" + i);

<html><input type="text" size="1" autocomplete="off" onfocus="" name="<?php echo "av[$no]"?>" id="<?php echo "av{$no}" ? >" onkeyup="gft1.apply(null, args);"></html>

Answer Source

you can use for loop to filling the arguments pool

then use apply to call it and passing the arguments

function gft1(){

var args = ['ff1','ff2'];
for (var i = 1; i <= 58; i++)
    args.push("av" + i);

gft1.apply(null, args);

see usage of apply here

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