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How to loop through a folder of CSV files in R

I have a folder containing a bunch of CSV files that are titled "yob1980", "yob1981", "yob1982" etc.

I have to use a for loop to go through each file and put its contents into a data frame - the columns in the data frame should be "1980", "1981", "1982" etc

Here is what I have:

file_list <- list.files()

temp = list.files(pattern="*.txt")
babynames <-,lapply(temp,read.csv, FALSE))

names(babynames) <- c("Name", "Gender", "Count")

I feel like I need a for loop, but I'm not sure how to loop through the files. Anyone point me in the right direction?

Answer Source

A for loop might be more appropriate than lapply in this case.

file_list = list.files(pattern="*.txt")
data_list <- vector("list", "length" = length(file.list))

for (i in seq_along(file_list)) {
    filename = file_list[[i]]

    # Read data in
    df <- read.csv(filename, header = FALSE, col.names = c("Name", "Gender", "Count"))

    # Extract year from filename
    year = gsub("yob", "", filename)
    df[["Filename"]] = year

    # Add year to data_list
    data_list[[i]] <- df

babynames <-, data_list)
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