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Android Studio showing unchanged files in commit changes dialog box

I am using Android Studio 2.0 Beta 6 on Ubuntu GNOME. I am facing a strange problem. I am using git version control in my Android project. After building the project, when I click on commit changes through Android Studio GUI. The commit changes dialog box shows every file as changed. When I click on any file, it says contents are identical. I am attaching the screenshot below, clicking on any files says contents are identical.

enter image description here

So my question is, Why Android Studio shows files with identical changes in commit changes dialog and how can I solve it? I tried google but didn't found any related question.

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It must be because of automatic file encoding changes by the IDE (In case you imported the project from somewhere else). Sometimes IDEs apply them automatically. Just revert the changes and do a clean and build. If the changes appear again, you will need to do a commit once and after that you'll be allright.

To verify you can just go to a normally behaving file. Open it in notepad and just save as from notepad with another encoding. It should show as modified thereafter in the version control window.

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