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Javascript Question

Check if html <head> contain specific <link>

I'm trying to check if the html head contains this line:

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

I was able to find the link element using $('head').find('link'); but I got suck on verifying which one correspond to mine since there're a lot of other links on it.

Is there a way to search the for the whole string, something like (I know the code won't work, it's just an example):

$('head').find('<link href="" rel="stylesheet">')

Or any other alternatives I'm open to it.

Sorry if this is a lame question, but since I'm on early stages, it's not that lame to me ;)

Answer Source

Use attribute equals selector for selecting element based on attribute value.

var link = $('head').find('link[href=""][rel="stylesheet"]')
   // do the rest

Or if you would like to compare with the string which contains the element then using filter() method(not tested) do something like.

var link = $('head').find('link').filter(function(){
   return this.outerHTML.trim() == '<link href="" rel="stylesheet">';
   // do the rest
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