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HTML Question

How can I convert strings to an html color code hash?

I'd like to represent strings as arbitrary html colors.


"blah blah" = #FFCC00

"foo foo 2" = #565656

It doesn't matter what the actual color code is, so long as it's a valid hexadecimal HTML color code and the whole spectrum is fairly well represented.

I guess the first step would be to do an MD5 on the string and then somehow convert that to hexadecimal color code?

Update: Usage example is to generate a visual report of file requests on a server. The colors don't have to look pretty, it's more so a human brain can detect patterns, etc in the data more readily.

Answer Source

Thanks for the pointers, this seems to do a competent job:

function stringToColorCode($str) {
  $code = dechex(crc32($str));
  $code = substr($code, 0, 6);
  return $code;

$str = 'test123';
print '<span style="background-color:#'.stringToColorCode($str).'">'.$str.'</span>';
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