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JDOM `SaxBuilder` not releasing the malformed file

In my application, I'm checking a value in the xml file, say

and moving the file to another directory depending on the outcome of this read.

is malformed,
is throwing the
, but not releasing the file. When i attempt to move
after that, i'm getting the error that
is used by another process.

my code is this (irrelevant details removed):

private static String getName(Path fullPath) {
File f = fullPath.toFile();
SAXBuilder saxBuilder = new SAXBuilder();
Document doc = null;
String result = "";
try {
doc =;
result = doc.getRootElement().getChild("imageControl").getText();
} catch (JDOMException | IOException e) {
return result;

so - after running this, on a malinformed xml passed in, that malinformed xml file is still open by the SaxBulider-- can't move it in my subsequent method.

How to fix this?

the only i can think of right now is to make a temporary copy of the xml and make the above reading on taht copy. but this is nowhere near the best thing.

I'm using JDOM 2.0.6 on Java 1.7




the following fix in the corresponding lines didn't make it:

try (InputStream is = new FileInputStream(f)){
doc =;

the problem is definitely in this method. it's all running the expected way when I comment out its call.



nope - the typo.

try (InputStream is = new FileInputStream(f)){
doc =;


Answer Source

It seems that SaxBuilder does not close resources, so please try to use build(InputStream) or build(Reader) methods instead and close stream/reader in finally block explicitly.
I would agree with @Jim Garrison, that JDOM probably forgets to close the input in case of an exception.

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