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How to import Maven dependency in Android Studio/IntelliJ?

I've created a new Android project using the default wizard in Android Studio. Compiled, and deployed the app to my device. All is well.

Now I want to import an external library that is available on Maven. ( I went to module properties, and added a Maven library. It shows up correctly in the list of dependencies. In addition, it shows up in the editor and I can correctly use it in code.

However, at compile time, I get a Gradle error:
unable to find class

Any ideas?

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As of version 0.8.9, Android Studio supports the Maven Central Repository by default. So to add an external maven dependency all you need to do is edit the module's build.gradle file and insert a line into the dependencies section like this:

dependencies {

    // Remote binary dependency
    compile 'net.schmizz:sshj:0.10.0'


You will see a message appear like 'Sync now...' - click it and wait for the maven repo to be downloaded along with all of its dependencies. There will be some messages in the status bar at the bottom telling you what's happening regarding the download. After it finishes this, the imported JAR file along with its dependencies will be listed in the External Repositories tree in the Project Browser window, as shown below.

enter image description here

Some further explanations here:

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