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Python Question

Simple way to create matrix of random numbers

I am trying to create a matrix of random numbers, but my solution is too long and looks ugly

random_matrix = [[random.random() for e in range(2)] for e in range(3)]

this looks ok, but in my implementation it is

weights_h = [[random.random() for e in range(len(inputs[0]))] for e in range(hiden_neurons)]

which is extremely unreadable and does not fit on one line.

Answer Source

You can drop the range(len()):

weights_h = [[random.random() for e in inputs[0]] for e in range(hiden_neurons)]

But really, you should probably use numpy.

In [9]: numpy.random.random((3, 3))
array([[ 0.37052381,  0.03463207,  0.10669077],
       [ 0.05862909,  0.8515325 ,  0.79809676],
       [ 0.43203632,  0.54633635,  0.09076408]])
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