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SQL Question

How set Array/List in Spring jdbcTemplate as parameter?

I have SQL query with many placeholders '?', that builds dynamically, I want to put array of values to replace placeholders. Size of array can be different every time. Array consists from all parameters in order.

return jdbcTemplate.query(Queries.someQuery,
new Object[] {/* Array must be here */},
new ResultSetExtractor<List<String>>() {
public List<String> extractData(ResultSet resultSet)

Example of sql generations:

for (int j = 0; j < y; j++) {
conditionsBuilder.append("\n and p"+i+".object_id=o.object_id\n" +
" and p"+i+".attr_id =?\n" +
" and p"+i+".value =?\n");
tablesBuilder.append(",patameters p"+i+" ");

Answer Source

Use an ArrayList:

ArrayList<Object> values = new ArrayList<>;

In your for loop you should add the values in the order they appear in the query:


Then turn it into an array:

return jdbcTemplate.query(query, values.toArray(), resultSetExtractor);
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