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How to remove unwanted text output with shiny rgl

With a recent version of the rgl package for R (3.3.1, Windows 10) I am able te create interactive 3D plots in a Shiny app. However, I get lengthy unwanted text output as well.

How can I suppress this output?

Here's code for an example shiny app that results in the unwanted text output:

library(shiny) # 0.13.2
library(rgl) # 0.1.0
library(shinyRGL) #0.96.0

aShinyList = list(
ui = webGLOutput("myWebGL"),
server = function(input,output, session)( output$myWebGL <- renderWebGL({
points3d(1:10, 1:10, 1:10)


Here's a screenshot of the result I get:

Answer Source

Don't use shinyRGL. It hasn't been updated in a long time. rgl itself now contains full Shiny support. See the examples in the directories

system.file("shinySimple", package = "rgl")


system.file("shinyDemo", package = "rgl")  
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