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What is the angularjs directive to select list item?

i have a list of templates and i would like to select one of them from a list and pass the id to an input inside a form. My laout looks like this

<input type="hidden" name="template_id" ng-model="template.template_id" />
<input type="text" name="template_name" ng-model="template.template_name" />
<li id="1">Template1</li>
<li id="2">Another Template</li>
<button type="submit"></button>

Now i would like when i press on any of the
items, to change the content from the inputs. Can this be done using a directive? Thank you, Daniel.

When i press on first list item, i want the input having the template_id and template_name to set to template_id = 1 and template_name = Template1 and when i press the second list item, to set template_id to 2 and template_name to Another template.

Answer Source

Try this:

in HTML :

         <li ng-repeat="list in templateList" ng-click="setValue(list)">{{}}</li>

in Controller

  $scope.templateList = [{id:1, name: 'Template1'}, {id:2, name: 'Another Template'}]

  $scope.template = {};
  $scope.setValue = function(list) {
    $scope.template.template_id =;
    $scope.template.template_name =;


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