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Detect space between second and third word and move words to next line

I have a list of names in an Adapter. When the name is being highlighted and if the name is too long (more than 2 words), I need to move the words after the gap of second word to next line in such a way that the words moved in new line maintain same space with the next name in Adapter.

The example is, consider the list of names in the list as -

. Alex

. Martin Kooper Well

. Thomas

(As you see, when first name is highlighted, since it is less than 2 words, I dont need to anything)


. Alex

. Martin Kooper


. Thomas

(As you see, when second name is highlighted, since it is more than 2 words, I need to put the third word
in next line. It should maintain same spacing with next element Thomas in the list)

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Answer Source


    String name = "some person name".trim();
    if(name.indexOf(" ") != name.lastIndexOf(" ")) {
        int secondSpacePos = name.indexOf(" ", name.indexOf(" ") + 1);
        name = name.substring(0, secondSpacePos) + "\n " + name.substring(secondSpacePos);
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