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explore elements of a categorical vector in rcpp

my question is trivial, but I'm new with RCPP and still have not mastered. I wanted to make a function that given a categorical vector and two integers returns the subset of vector content between the two integers. You know, ["A","B","C","D] and 1 and 2, returns me ["B","C"].
I did the next code but doesn't work.

// [[Rcpp::export]]
Rcpp::StringVector Segment(Rcpp::StringVector x, int start, int end) {
Rcpp::StringVector s(end-start+1);
for(int i=start; i <= end; i++){

Answer Source

Try to use CharacterVector. The solution could be like this.

// [[Rcpp::export]]
CharacterVector Segment( CharacterVector x, int start, int end){
  CharacterVector r(end-start+1);
  int ind=0;
  for( int i=0; i<=r.size(); i++){
    if((i>=start) & (i<=end)){
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