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Generating an array of random variables (positive and negative) that sum up to 1

I am trying to create a numpy array with random variables that sum up to 1, but I also want to include negative values.

I am trying:

size =(50,1)
w = np.array(np.random.random(size))

to create the array and populate with numbers (negative and positive), and this works fine.

Now I am trying to make them sum up to 1 with:

w /= np.sum(w)

But this changes my values to be all positive (eliminating the negative values).

What is the proper way to do an array like this?

Edit: I already tried random.int and random.uniform, but the problem is that those don't sum up to 1. and if I use
w /= np.sum(w)
to make sure they sum up to one, it just returns positive values.

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Your problem isn't your normalization, it's your random generator. np.random.random always generates positive floats from (0,1). If you want negative numbers, you'll have to change that.

w = np.random.random(size)*2-1
w /= w.sum()


array([[ 0.05377353],
       [ 0.11272973],
       [ 0.00789277],
       [ 0.06874176],