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Python Question

Hiding console window of Python GUI app with py2exe

I have a Python program uses Qt (PyQt4 in fact) and when I launch it from its main.py, I get a console window and the GUI window (on Windows, of course).

Then I compile my program with py2exe and main.exe is successfully created. However, if I run main.exe (this is what users of program will do) console window of Python still appears and all my debug text is stdout-ed to that window.

I want to hide cmd line window when my application is running and I want just my GUI to be visible to the user when executed from .exe file.

Is that possible?

Answer Source

Yep, it is possible.

If I use

setup(console=['__main__.py'], options={"py2exe":{"includes":["sip"]}})

It creates a console app, however if I use

setup(windows=['__main__.py'], options={"py2exe":{"includes":["sip"]}})

it does not show console on .exe file. But output is dumped on main.exe.log file in the .exe folder. Be careful.

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