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How to trigger scrollsToTop when UITableView is nested inside UIScrollView

I was wondering if anyone had had any luck triggering scrollsToTop (or by any other means) for a UITableView from the user tapping on the status bar when the UITableView is nested inside a UIScrollView that also observes this function? I know this probably isn't good practice, but in this instance the UX kind of calls for this type of hierarchy.

Either way, I've seen a whole bunch of proposals ranging from private methods (obviously not going to happen) to adding fake windows over the status bar (also not going to happen).

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Ok, so the answer here is two fold:

  1. You cannot have more than one UIScrollView (or classes deriving from or using UIScrollView - i.e. UITableView) on the same UIView with the property scrollsToTop set to YES. Pick the one you want to have the feature and make sure all others are no

    For example, do this:

    scrollView.scrollsToTop = NO;
    tableView.scrollsToTop = YES; // or not set
  2. Implement the UIScrollView delegate method scrollViewShouldScrollToTop: and return YES if the calling UIScrollView is the UITableView.

Props to this answer for mentioning the non-multiple scrollsToTop option.

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