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"Syntax error" on button click in iframe (SQL Report)

In an application I am showing a SQL report inside an

. Inside the report there are some buttons for expanding a tree view. When I open the URL directly in browser (Internet Explorer 11), I can use these buttons without any problem. When clicking on the buttons through the
, I get the following error:

SCRIPT1002: Syntax error

I don't know how to handle this error as there is no error when opening the report directly...

It's probably not necessary but here is the code of the

<iframe name="iframe1" id="iframe1" src="MyUrl/MyReport?SomeParameters"></iframe>

I've tried adding
to the URL but that didn't change anything.

It could have been a problem with the browser but then the report should not load correctly when opening it directly or am I wrong? How can I show the report inside the
as it is?

Answer Source

I've found the problem, thanks to @grafgenerator. He suggested using Chrome. I couldn't download it on the server because of some settings. When I wanted to change the settings, I noticed that JavaScript wasn't activated. After activating it, the errors disappeared.

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