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Git Question

How to remove CLRF from the end of nodepad++?

Last night I have installed

in my local machine which runs through
Windows 10
replaces all new line by

Today morning I just installed
software. While I hit
button for a line break it puts an extra
at the end of each line. [Please look at the attached figure]

CRLF in nodepad++

I have uninstalled my
also but the problem remains as it before. Let me know, what should I do right now to hide
from the last of each line?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Answer Source

There is no issue with Git itself. These characters indicate the end of line. Read this question: What is the difference between \r and \n? to learn more about them.

You have to toggle "Show End of Line" setting of Notepad++ as explained here if you don't want to see these special characters anymore.

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