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PHP Question

DOMDocument returns 500 when using getAttribute()

I have an html iframe code and I want to get the href value of the first a tag. I have this php code

$doc_url = new DOMDocument();

$iframe_links = $doc_url->getElementsByTagName('a');
$iframe_link = $iframe_links[0]->getAttribute('href');

echo $iframe_link;

When I run it locally on xampp everything is ok. But when I run it on a nginx webserver (digitalocean), I get an HTTP 500.

PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Cannot use object of type DOMNodeList as array

FYI If I remove
$iframe_link = $iframe_links[0]->getAttribute('href');
, it doesn't return an error.

Answer Source

If you receive that error it's because on your server you have an older version of PHP.

You can use DOMNodeList as array only from version 5.6 . Check here

If you want to work on your server that have an older version you need to get the item from element 0 using the method item() like this:

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