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iOS Question

How to make camera follow SKNode in Sprite Kit?

I want to have background stationary with different objects (sprites and other objects).

Player will be represented by center node that will move around the world. I want to have my camera pinned to central node, e.g. the world should move and the camera should stay stationary.

How do I achieve that?

Answer Source

Something like this should help. I call the following from my didSimulatePhysics.

-(void)centerOnNode:(SKNode*)node {
    CGPoint cameraPositionInScene = [node.scene convertPoint:node.position fromNode:node.parent];
    cameraPositionInScene.x = 0;
    node.parent.position = CGPointMake(node.parent.position.x - cameraPositionInScene.x, node.parent.position.y - cameraPositionInScene.y);
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