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Jasmine node - All matchers are undefined?

hoping this one will be an easy slam dunk for someone. I'm driving myself crazy here.

I'm trying to run jasmine from the command line. For some reason any and all matchers are failing to work...

Here is my test_spec.js

describe('whatever', function() {

it('whatevs', function(done) {


From the command line I run

$ jasmine test_spec.js

And here is the output


1) whatever whatevs
TypeError: expect(...).toEqual is not a function
TypeError: expect(...).toEqual is not a function
at Object.<anonymous> (/Users/dolokhov/Work/EcoEverything/supreme/test_spec.js:4:17)
at clearDB (/Users/dolokhov/Work/EcoEverything/supreme/spec/helpers/db_utils.js:21:12)
at /Users/dolokhov/Work/EcoEverything/supreme/spec/helpers/db_utils.js:29:14
at /Users/dolokhov/Work/EcoEverything/supreme/node_modules/mongoose/lib/connection.js:284:19
at open (/Users/dolokhov/Work/EcoEverything/supreme/node_modules/mongoose/lib/connection.js:511:17)
at NativeConnection.Connection.onOpen (/Users/dolokhov/Work/EcoEverything/supreme/node_modules/mongoose/lib/connection.js:521:5)
at /Users/dolokhov/Work/EcoEverything/supreme/node_modules/mongoose/lib/connection.js:483:11
at /Users/dolokhov/Work/EcoEverything/supreme/node_modules/mongoose/lib/drivers/node-mongodb-native/connection.js:71:5
at /Users/dolokhov/Work/EcoEverything/supreme/node_modules/mongoose/node_modules/mongodb/lib/db.js:234:5
at connectHandler (/Users/dolokhov/Work/EcoEverything/supreme/node_modules/mongoose/node_modules/mongodb/lib/server.js:306:7)
at g (events.js:260:16)
at emitOne (events.js:77:13)

1 spec, 1 failure
Finished in 0.048 seconds

node version 4.4.0

jasmine-node version 1.14.3

Answer Source

Using Node.js 4.4.0, here are the commands I ran to get your file to work:

npm install -g jasmine
jasmine init
jasmine test_spec.js

If that doesn't work for you, some possibilities might be:

  • Maybe the jasmine init step was skipped or needs to be re-run.

  • Maybe there is a different jasmine executable in your path that is getting run before the one that is associated with the jasmine npm module.

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