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php - convert ebcdic to ascii

$my_var = "1";

$connection = db2_connect ( "*LOCAL", "ISCSC", "ISCSC" );

$strSql = 'CALL LMTLIB.ARTEST(?)';

$stmt = db2_prepare ( $connection, $strSql );

db2_bind_param($stmt, 1, "my_var", DB2_PARAM_INOUT, DB2_CHAR);

$rc = db2_execute ( $stmt );

echo $my_var;

When this code block executes, $my_var has the value ¦–¦

The test RPGLE program being called is returning wow

When the program is altered, the characters i get back are different... so i know i'm getting back values from the program. The only issue is, how to convert these characters from EBCDIC to ASCII.


I have tried using the following:

mb_convert_encoding($my_var, "ASCII", "cp037");
mb_convert_encoding($my_var, "ASCII", "EBCDIC");
iconv("cp037", "ASCII", $my_var);
iconv("EBCDIC", "ASCII", $my_var);

But i get this error: "Wrong charset, conversion from" ebcdic to ascii "is not allowed"

And, "Wrong charset, conversion from" cp037 to ascii "is not allowed"

Answer Source

On your CREATE PROCEDURE statement, use the CCSID that matches your language. For US English, that would be 37. Example:

CREATE PROCEDURE buck.phptest(         
 inout parm_inout varchar (5) ccsid 37)
LANGUAGE RPGLE                         
NOT DETERMINISTIC                      
CALLED ON NULL INPUT                   
EXTERNAL NAME buck.phptest             
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