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Javascript Question

Haacked JQuery Undoable "Object doesn't support this property"

I refer to Phil Haack's "Undoable" article found here:

I've copied the exact mark-up for the table from the tables demo page, included JQuery 1.3.2 min, and copied the exact script block used on the demo page but when it gets to this bit:

inlineStyling: false,
showingStatus: function(undoable) {

I keep getting "Object doesn't support this property or method". Is there anything obvious that I might be missing to cause that? I'm just using IE8 on the dev machine but that shouldn't be a problem (I hope).

Answer Source

try this version (and look through the code for similar un-apostrophed JSONs).

 'inlineStyling': false,
 'showingStatus': function(undoable) {
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