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Am I handling query errors correctly in Medoo Framework?

I'm using Medoo Framework to handle my database queries. It is basically a PDO wrapper, I didn't find in their documentation how to handle errors or check the result, sometimes it return empty array, sometimes FALSE sometimes 0 etc.

As I couldn't understand how to handle errors this is what I'm doing currently using empty() because it can handle FALSE , 0 and empty Array I think it's okay here):

On SELECT (Medoo returns array)

// Same as:
// SELECT username FROM accounts WHERE id=$id AND suspended=0

$select = $database->select("accounts",["username"], [
"AND" => [
"id" => $id,
"suspended" => 0

// I have to check if Query failed also if row was not found

if (empty($select) === FALSE && count($select) > 0)
// It didn't FAIL
// So i get username like this:
$key = array_keys($select)[0];
$username = $select[$key]['username'];

On INSERT (Medoo says it returns INSERT ID here)

$insert = $database->insert("accounts", [
"username" => "$username"

// Check if query didn't fail and actually inserted (affected rows i think?)

if (empty($insert) === TRUE OR $insert < 1)
// It Failed

On UPDATE (This is actually the only clear query, it returns affected rows)

$update = $database->update("accounts", ["brute_force[+]" => 1], ["id" => $user_id]);

if (empty($update) === TRUE OR $update < 1)
// Check if query didn't fail and also affected row

I am so confused and unsure about these that I'm paranoid maybe I should just completely rewrite and use CodeIgniter like I always do.

Answer Source

To check if SELECT/UPDATE statement succeeded I use:

if(!$select){ // SELECT failed }

because MEDOO will return FALSE or 0 or empty Array if SELECT/UPDATE failed or no data were retrieved/updated, and all of these things are equal FALSE in an if statement. For INSERT you can use the same thing if your table in database has ID field as primary key; if you don't have primary key, then you could use error() method and parse response to check for errors, because MEDOO will return 0 even though the statement was executed.

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