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C++ Question

Conceptual confusion

This might me a silly problem. But I am not getting the conceptual problem in the program.

I want to pass the pointer of class Child in a global function and access that pointer object from different parts of the project just by including Child.h

Problem: the following problem does not work when I do get_Child()->number_1 in the main.

Solution: if I include the Child.cpp in the main, and inline the Constructor or
if I declare the constructor in the Child.h instead of Child.cpp

Query request. What is the reason for this behavior? A way how I can declare the Constructor in Child.cpp and does not have to include Child.cpp in the main.cpp


#include <iostream>
#include "Child.h"
//#include "Child.cpp"

using namespace std;

int main(){

Child *pC = new Child();
cout << "direct = " << pC->number_1 << endl;

cout << "with function = " << get_Child()->number_1 << endl;



#ifndef CHILD_H_
#define CHILD_H_

class Child;
static Child * pointer_Child;

inline void save_Child(Child * p_C){
pointer_Child = p_C;

inline Child * get_Child(){
return pointer_Child;

class Child {


// this ->set_Child();

void set_Child(){

int number_1 = 10;

#endif /* CHILD_H_ */


#include "Child.h"

//inline Child::Child(){
// this ->set_Child();


Answer Source

Do not declare static variables in a header (outside of classes) like this:

static Child * pointer_Child;

It will create a variable in every compilation unit that includes the header. And they are not accessible from outside the translation unit.

Instead, make pointer_Child extern and provide an implementation in the CPP as follows:


extern Child* pointer_Child;


Child* pointer_Child;

And never include a CPP file.

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