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Connecting to Paradox database through Windows ODBCCONF command line

I use Eclipse to manipulate Paradox databases with a HXTT Paradox Driver. But now i would like to create data sources through Windows ODBC and use ODBC-JDBC bridge for connection through command line or .BAT files.

Paradox database connection through Windows ODBC via GUI

I've tried the following:

Driver={Microsoft Paradox Driver (*.db )};DriverID=538;Fil=Paradox 5.X;

But even though i get no errors, nothing happens (no DSN is created in Windows). So i would like to know the correct syntax to connect with a Paradox database (which is just a folder) via a .BAT file using Windows ODBCCONF

Answer Source

I figured out how to do it:

odbcconf configdsn "Driver do Microsoft Paradox (*.db )" "DSN=WKS|DBQ=c:\receptor"

For configdsn, the parameter receives the driver name. The other two parameters set the DSN name and database folder, respectively.

This turned out to be pretty simple. Works exactly as i want it to, but now i need to figure out how to remove the DSN after i am done working with it.

Hope it helps someone!

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