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Scala Question

Cannot resolve symbol NotNull with Slick 3.1.1

I have a schema definition as follows:
package model

import java.sql.Timestamp

import play.api.libs.json.{Format, Json}
import slick.driver.PostgresDriver.api._
import slick.lifted.Tag

case class ApiKey(id: Option[Int] = None, key: String, createdAt: Timestamp)

object ApiKeys {

implicit lazy val apiKeyFormat: Format[ApiKey] = Json.format[ApiKey]


class ApiKeys(tag: Tag) extends Table[ApiKey](tag, "api_key"){
def createdAt = column[Timestamp]("createdAt", O.NotNull)

the compiler complains that
Cannot resolve symbol NotNull
even though the docs states that this option should be available:

Even if I look into the source there is not such thing. What am I missing in the docs?

Answer Source

O.NotNull is removed in the latest version of the slick. By default everything is not null in slick when column is declared like this column[A]. To make the column nullable you have to declare it as column[Option[A]]

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