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Build script with C#

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I've been using Rake (with Albacore) recently, and like it alot. Mostly the strength of having the Ruby language right at hand when I need it.

I must admit I am alot more at home with C# - and that lead me to thinking if there was an equivalent to Rake in the .NET world.

What I am looking for is a way to write build scripts in C#, or maybe a DSL, having the same dependency programming model, where I can also use C#.

Maybe I'm way off base asking this question. But if it's possible to do with Ruby (and an internal DSL), then I can't right off the bat say why the same wouldn't be possible for C#. And I certainly don't understand why it hasn't already been done :-)

Anyone have some perspectives on the issue?

What we already know:

  • C# needs to be compiled to run, so we would need to create a seperate build-script, that is parsed, and compiled at run-time by an executable.

Thanks in advance!


Use "Cake" -- with Roslyn compiler what I wanted (years ago) is now possible. Thanks Microsoft. And thanks to the people who wrote Cake.

An alternative is to use Powershell. The library is called Psake (saké)

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Maybe Cake is what you're looking for:

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