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Yeoman project aborting due to not finding compass

Following a tutorial from "JavaScript Frameworks for Modern Web Development" (ch. 3 on Yeoman) to setup Yeoman and scaffold a simple project:

Working in git-bash, I installed the Yeoman generator "modernweb" (cmd: npm install -g generator-modernweb) and successfully scaffolded my project (cmd: yo modernweb). When I run the grunt command to build and launch, I get the following error:
Warning: not found: compass Use --force to continue Aborted due to warnings

I can find the compass module in my node_modules folder and, if I look inside Gruntfile.js, I can see where grunt-contrib-compass is loaded and configured. So why is grunt not able to find Compass?

After some research I learned that Compass is a Ruby gem so I downloaded Ruby and installed SASS and Compass. Still unable to get this to work however.
I'm running version 3.10.6 of npm and 6.0.0 of node.

Github repo: https://github.com/ahvar/market-maps.git

I would greatly appreciate any help or advice.

Thank you!

Answer Source

Please ensure that the path the gems were installed is in your PATH.

For example, on Ubuntu: export PATH=$PATH:/var/lib/gems/1.8/bin (note that this exact command might not work depending on the OS and the ruby version you're using)

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