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Illegal string offset for 'url' when using WordPress Advanced Custom Fields

I am converting a Bootstrap template into a WordPress theme.

For custom fields I am using the plugin Advanced Custom Fields. The issue is when I am trying to add an image with the help of Advanced Custom Fields, I get the following error:

Warning: Illegal string offset 'url' in C:\wamp64\www\my-site\wordpress\wp-content\themes\bootstraptowordpress\page-home.php on line 31

However when I am adding text through this plugin it shows no error.

I have no other plugins installed other than ACF.

Here is my code:

$home_page_logo = get_field('home_page_logo');

<div class="front_logo">

<?php if( !empty($home_page_logo)): ?>

<img src="<?php echo $home_page_logo['url']; ?>" alt="<?php echo $home_page_logo['alt']; ?>" />

<?php endif; ?>


Answer Source

There are three ways that an image field can be returned in ACF (array, URL, or ID). It sounds like your field is set to return the URL - which returns as a string.

Therefore, you need to access it like this:

<?php echo $home_page_logo; ?>

instead of this:

<?php echo $home_page_logo['url']; ?>

Alternatively, you can edit the set up for the field in your WordPress admin and configure it to return an image array instead of the URL:

enter image description here

If it's set to the array option, you can access the url like you are currently doing so, as well as access a range of other data pertinent to the image (such as its width and height, WordPress attachment ID, caption if entered, etc.)

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