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Redirect to error page after wrong url is entered, php

Hey guys :) can you please help me? After I enter the wrong URL on my site it shows me some errors and empty video player. I am giving you the example here:

If the url is right it shows only the video player and starts to play video correctly without errors, example here:

Is there any way to change the code in index.php to redirect the user to my random url after user enters the wrong url (the url without any video) ?

External php file index.php

Answer Source

Simple, your file() loads a remote URL, if it fails it retuns FALSE, so you can check against it and do whatever you want:

$url = "$url_parsovani";
$rows = file($url);
foreach ($rows as $row) {


$url = "$url_parsovani";
$rows = @file($url);
if ($rows === false) {
  // output something else, redirect the user and so on..
  header("Location: /somewhere_else.html");
foreach ($rows as $row) {
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