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How can I set CORS in Azure BLOB Storage in Portal?

We have a blob storage on Windows Azure.

I uploaded a few files to the storage using CloudBerry. And I can download the files by browsers successfully.
These files are simple text files, but with different file extensions.
For example´╝î

I want to download the files via jquery ($.get), however, it failed because of CORS.

How can I configure CORS in Azure BLOB Storage in Portal?

And, should I do something for CORS in the client side too?

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How can I configure CORS in Azure BLOB Storage in Portal?

Currently Azure Portal does not have this feature. If you want you can always set the CORS rules for blob storage programmatically. If you're using .Net Storage Client library, check out this blog post from storage team: Code for setting CORS setting from that blog post:

private static void InitializeCors()
     // CORS should be enabled once at service startup
     // Given a BlobClient, download the current Service Properties 
     ServiceProperties blobServiceProperties = BlobClient.GetServiceProperties();
     ServiceProperties tableServiceProperties = TableClient.GetServiceProperties();

     // Enable and Configure CORS

     // Commit the CORS changes into the Service Properties

private static void ConfigureCors(ServiceProperties serviceProperties)
    serviceProperties.Cors = new CorsProperties();
    serviceProperties.Cors.CorsRules.Add(new CorsRule()
        AllowedHeaders = new List<string>() { "*" },
        AllowedMethods = CorsHttpMethods.Put | CorsHttpMethods.Get | CorsHttpMethods.Head | CorsHttpMethods.Post,
        AllowedOrigins = new List<string>() { "*" },
        ExposedHeaders = new List<string>() { "*" },
        MaxAgeInSeconds = 1800 // 30 minutes

If you're looking for a tool to do the same, a few storage explorers have support for configuring CORS - Azure Storage Explorer, Cerebrata Azure Management Studio, Cloud Portam (Disclosure - I'm building Cloud Portam utility).

Once the CORS is configured properly, you can use the code mentioned in Rory's answer to download the file from blob storage. You don't have to do anything special on the client side as mentioned by Rory.

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