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Dim X as New Y vs. Dim X as Y = New Y()


Whats the difference between declaring as new and as something new something i

Sad that I don't know this, but can anyone explain the difference between:

Dim X as New Y


Dim X as Y = New Y()

Answer Source

The first just infers that the type is Y. The second specifies it. This allows you to write things like:

Dim X as IList(Of String) = New List(Of String)

That then limits the scope of the choice to use List(Of String) - which means that later on you might choose to use a different implementation of IList(Of String), and it'll still compile.

Of course, the shorter version does have the benefit of brevity - which can be important if you have very long type names (e.g. using nested generics). It's also required for anonymous types, where you can't express the type of X.

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