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Is There Any Image Editing SDK Currently Available for Android

I have been looking for an image editing SDK for Android, something that includes an option for custom stickers. A good example would be the Adobe Creative SDK (previously the Aviary SDK), though the current build only supports customizing which features to include, with no option to add your own stickers. Another good example would be the Fotor SDK, which did support adding your own stickers, but it is now under development, with no way of accessing the previous version (that I know of).

There are a few more editing SDKs available, including the PhotoEditor SDK by and CLImageEditor, but only for iOS. If anyone knows of an Android editing SDK with a sticker feature, or if someone could point me toward some decent resources on the subject (which I have not been able to find) so I can create my own, it would be greatly appreciated.

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The PhotoEditor SDK is now also available for Android. You can also easily add your own assets like stickers and fonts.

You can get a reference to the stickers array like so:

ArrayList<ImageStickerConfig> stickers = PhotoEditorSdkConfig.getStickerConfig();

For the complete example consult the docs

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