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Visual Studio 2015 diagnostic tools no longer working

I have Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition Update 3 running on Windows 7 SP1 64 bit, which I use to develop C# applications.

I love the diagnostic tools during debugging to spot performance problems early on. However, they stopped working for me sometime in the last month or so (possibly related to installing Update 3, although I have no information to back that up). I see the error message "CPU Profiling while debugging is not available on this version of Windows. To see CPU usage details, run the CPU Usage tool without the debugger (Debug -> Performance Profiler...)."

Things I have tried without success:

  • Completely uninstalling and reinstalling VS.

  • Performing a repair on my VS installation

  • Ensuring "Use {Managed,Native} compatability mode" is disabled in debug options.

  • Enabling the Diagnostics Hub logging info as described in this question. No error messages that I can see appear in the logs.

This still happens even if I create a new WPF project, so I don't believe it has any project-specific cause.

Are there any other things I can try? Obviously they were working before, so I don't believe the error message about my version of Windows being unsupported.

Answer Source

Deleting my solution's .suo (solution options) file fixed the issue. My initial statement of this bug affecting even new projects seems to be wrong. Although, I did do a complete reinstall of VS after doing that test, so it's possible that impacted the outcome.

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