Razib Razib - 1 year ago 58
jQuery Question

Getting the actual id from where slector works on multiple id

I'm working with

. I have a
method which works on two selector like this -

$('#from1, #form2').submit(function() {

//is there any way to know the actual id (that is - form1 or form2)
//for which the submit() method is called

This is a pretty large method and two of the form (
) share almost the same code so that I don't want to write multiple
method for each form separately. So is there any way to get the actual
for which the
method is called.

Answer Source

$(this) will point to the form that triggered the submit event.

This is the common syntax in all the event handlers. this will point to the element that triggers an event and $(this) will make it a JQuery object so that you can use many built in JQuery syntax on it, just like how we have used .attr('id')

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