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Git Question

My new Github page isn't showing up

So I'm following this guide here to create a Github page

I created a repository, cloned it to my project directory and pushed, finally got to this last step:

Fire up a browser and go to http://username.github.io. Give it a couple of minutes for your page to show up—there will be a delay this very first time. In the future, changes will show up pretty much instantly.

My Github repo link is this:

So I assumed my Github page link would be either:




However neither link is working at the moment :(

Anyone create a Github page before? Eventually I want to try out Jekyll on it.

Answer Source

Rename your project name to yourusername@github.com.which mention in the document

This repository must use the username/username.github.io naming scheme.


You can only use your own account name for a User or Org Pages repository. A repository like joe/bob.github.io will not build Pages.

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