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Javascript Question

Winforms equivalent of javascript setTimeout

Is there a simple solution/idea/strategy to create a setTimeout equivalent function in a WinForms app. I'm primarily a web developer but am not sure how I'd go about this in a WinForms App. Basically, I have a textbox, and after each keystroke I want to run a task to populate a list (like an auto-complete type thingy) but want to be able to cancel (e.g. clearTimeout) if the user keeps entering characters...

My only guess is to perhaps use a BackGroundWorker and make it sleep initially, and while it is sleeping, it could be cancelled, if the user stops entering keys and the sleep period ends, it then goes and runs the task etc

(i don't care if an example is C# or Vb.Net)

Answer Source

You can use a System.Timers.Timer: set AutoReset to false and use Start/Stop methods and create a handler for the Elapsed event.

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