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Java Question

Difference between Javabean and EJB

Just a simple question from a relative Java newbie:

what is the difference between a JavaBean and an EJB?

Answer Source

Java bean is just a set of conventions. EJB is a standard for J2EE business components.

Specifically a Java bean:

  • has a public default constructor;
  • readable property methods precedes with "get";
  • writable property methods precedes with "set"; and
  • is Serializable.

For example, a Java bean with a property of "margin" would minimally look like this:

public class MyBean implements Serializable {
  private int margin;

  public MyBean() { }
  public int getMargin() { return margin; }
  public void setMargin(int margin) { this.margin = margin; }

EJB, despite the name, is almost completely unrelated.

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