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PHP Question

Method orderBy does not exist in Laravel Eloquent?

I have a piece of code like this:

$products = Product::all()

if ($search_value) {
$products = $products->where('name', 'LIKE', "%$search_value%");

$products = $products->orderBy('created_at', 'desc')->skip(10)->take(10)->with('tags')->get();

I got the following error:

BadMethodCallException in Macroable.php line 81:
Method orderBy does not exist.

I guess
need to follow
directly, but I can't save
$products = Product::
, can I?

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Answer Source

You're trying to use orderBy() method on Eloquent collection. Try to use sortByDesc() instead.

Alternatively, you could change $products = Product::all(); to $products = new Product();. Then all your code will work as you expect.

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