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C# Question

Equality comparison between multiple variables

I've a situation where I need to check whether multiple variables are having same data such as

var x=1;
var y=1;
var z=1;

I want to check whether x==1 and y==1 z==1 (it may be '1' or some other value). instead of this, is there any short way I can achieve same such as below


Is this possible in C#?

Answer Source

KennyTM is correct, there is no other simpler or more efficient way.

However, if you have many variables, you could also build an array of the values and use the IEnumerable.All method to verify they're all 1. More readable, IMO.

if (new[] { v1, v2, v3, v4, v5, v6, v7, v8, v9, v10 }.All(x => x == 1))

Instead of

if(v1 == 1 && v2 == 1 && v3 == 1 && v4 == 1 && v5 == 1 && v6 == 1 && v7 == 1 && v8 == 1 && v9== 1 && v10 == 1)
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