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Git Question

How to make a copy of a previous git commit and make it head

I tried revert but it kept giving me annoying conflictions.

I want something like this:



is there a simple way of doing this.

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As far as I can tell from your post and comments, you want to revert F and E, but keep them as history. What you can do is this:

git revert HEAD~n..HEAD

Where you replace n with far however back from HEAD (your current commit) the commit after D is.

What this will do is revert every commit between HEAD and the commit after D in reverse order, ensuring no conflicts.

This becomes substantially more complicated when there are merge commits in that range. If there are, do something like this:

git revert -m  1 HEAD~n..HEAD

Which will prefer the first parent branch of a merge commit, and remove changes introduced by merging in other branches. Do this with great care, as it may not end up doing what you actually want.

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