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How to disable hash in filename when using jekyll-assets

I'm new to Jekyll but so far it's really impressive. The whole asset's pipeline workflow is confusing to me though. In my

file I've got the following:

- jekyll-feed
- jekyll-assets
autowrite: true
prefix: "/assets"
digest: true
- "*.png"
- "*.jpg"
- "*.svg"
- _assets/_img

All my images are in
and so far running
bundle exec jekyll serve
copies all these files into
thus rendering them at

The issue is that when it copies, for example,
, it's new filename is
, adding a long hash. Since I'm using Grunt for all my Stylus css creation, I don't need this hash. In fact, with it, I have no way of referencing these files.

How can I copy the assets automatically but drop the hash?

Please and thank you. :)

Answer Source

Replacing digest: true with digest: false should remove the hashes.

That said, I'm surprised that asset-name wouldn't be automatically routed to asset-name-#{HASH} by Jekyll?

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