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Android make view disappear by clicking outside of it

I have some views that I make visible upon a button press. I want them to disappear if I click outside of those views.

How would this be done on Android?

Also, I realize that the "back button" can also assist Android users with this - I might use that as a secondary way to close the views - but some of the tablets aren't even using a 'physical' back button anymore, it has been very de-emphasized.

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An easy/stupid way:

  • Create a dummy empty view (let's say ImageView with no source), make it fill parent

  • If it is clicked, then do what you want to do.

You need to have the root tag in your XML file to be a RelativeLayout. It will contain two element: your dummy view (set its position to align the Parent Top). The other one is your original view containing the views and the button (this view might be a LinearLayout or whatever you make it. don't forget to set its position to align the Parent Top)

Hope this will help you, Good Luck !

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