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Print out elements from an array with a comma between elements except the last word

I am printing out elements from a array list, I want to have a comma between each word except the last word. Right now I am doing like this:

for (String s : arrayListWords) {
System.out.print(s + ", ");

As you understand it will print out the words like this: "one, two, three, four,"
and the problem is the last comma, how do I solve this? All answers appreciated!

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Print the first word on its own if it exists. Then print the pattern as comma first, then the next element.

if (arrayListWords.length >= 1) {

// note that i starts at 1, since we already printed the element at index 0
for (int i = 1; i < arrayListWords.length, i++) { 
     System.out.print(", " + arrayListWords[i]);

With a List, you're better off using an Iterator

// assume String
Iterator<String> it = arrayListWords.iterator();
if (it.hasNext()) {
while (it.hasNext()) {
    System.out.print(", " +;